Aminisha Tambuzi
Co - Director / Choreographer
Aminisha’s spirit has inspired, motivated and instilled a sense of grace and pride in individuals over the past two decades.  Aminisha studied West African dance extensively beginning in 1981 with Mori Nimba. Upon her move to San Diego, California in 1983 she studied with the Diamano Coura West African Dance Company led by Naomi Diouf.  When the troupe relocated to the Bay Area in 1987 Aminisha was asked to continue teaching West African dance in the San Diego area.  It was through this individual instruction that Aminisha became proficient in the dance and in 1989, she was asked to join Teye Sa Thiosanne African Drum and Dance Company. In 1990 she became the company’s co-director, choreographer, and principal dancer.
Yiriba has been a percussionist for over 30 years performing, teaching and studying African and Afro – American musical styles throughout the U.S. and Africa.  Currently he is based in San Diego, California and performs in both music and theater settings. He expresses himself in several disciplines as a multi-talented drum and mask maker, costume designer and singer. He has been carefully trained by some of the best masters of West African folkloric tradition such as  Zak Diouf from Senegal and Naomi Geddo from Liberia both directors of Diamano Coura West African Dance Company, Nimely Napla director of the Liberian National Cultural Troup, Ya Ya Diallo from Mali and Master Djembefola Mamady Keita from Guinea. Most recently he studied and traveled through out Mali West Africa with Master drummer Moussa Traore from Bamako Mali.
As co-director Aminisha has helped the Company apply for, and receive city, state and national grants.  Teye Sa Thiosanne has become the vehicle through which Aminisha has found her true calling. Her instruction has inspired others to take on the challenge of learning African dance, having trained all of the dancers that have been in the company.  In addition to choreographing for the Company, Aminisha has created choreography for the San Diego Area Dance Alliance; worked with the “Day of Dance” program for high school students, took part in “Black Choreographers Moving” programs, and received recognition from various community organizations that found her a positive example for youth and completed an artist in residence program with Kumaasi, a West African dance troupe in Dallas, Texas.  Teye Sa Thiosanne has performed throughout California and has a reputation of being a well-polished performing company.  Aminisha, in furthering her study of West African culture, has returned to her musical beginnings and has begun playing drums to add to her repertoire.  The appreciation she has for her culture is an on-going project.    
Aminisha credits her teachers-Assante Konte of Senegal, Naomi Diouf and Nimely Napla of Liberia, Moustapha Bangoura and Abdoulaye Camara of Guinea, and especially Ibrahima Camara of Guinea, West Africa-for founding the group that gave her the gift of African dance.
Bernard “Yiriba” Thomas
Founder / Co - Director
He is presently founder, co-director, lead drummer and vocalist for Teye Sa Thiosanne African Drum and Dance Company based in San Diego California. Yiriba is celebrated for his vibrant dedication to the presentation, development and understanding of African and African-American culture.